Alyssa Warner Recipe Site


2 thoughts on “Alyssa Warner Recipe Site

  1. Hey Alyssa!
    So, I really like your colors. Makes everything pop for sure. However, I feel like the green is a bit heavy, especially behind the recipe link. Also, you should take out the lorem ipsum, and just make something up that looks more natural. Why not, right? It may be a fake website, but why not make it look as real as you can?

    Also, your mobile has a couple alignment issues.

    Does your website have a title? Why not add one, because it kind of looks like the title is “Pasta with warm tomatoes”


  2. Nice job, Alyssa! I think your website demonstrates a good sense of hierarchy and organization. One thing that stands in the way of that is having the “Featured Recipes” directly above the sidebar. I feel like this makes the sidebar less noticeable, when it’s meant to be used as a tool to narrow ones search, while featured recipes are meant for people looking for suggestions. In your mobile version, the sidebar becomes even less prominent, as you have to scroll down to find it. This could be solved by having an option to click a drop down menu where the side bar would appear. Overall, the design appears well organized and has clear hierarchy, but from a usability stand point this hierarchy is somewhat misleading because of the sidebar and lack of a title.


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