Katie Dunbar – Good Harvest



Please open with Safari.

For some reason it will only open in Safari.


2 thoughts on “Katie Dunbar – Good Harvest

  1. It did open in firefox for me, and when I checked it looked the same in both firefox and safari. Some of the alignment looks a little off but I know that might just be in the web browsers and might look fine in the program (because that happened to me too). I really like the large banner image up top. I wish there were at least three recipes below.. it looks a little sparse and odd to me with just two there. Once on the recipe page I cannot find how to get back to the homepage. Maybe think about making a home button or your top banner image or site title a link back to the home page.


  2. Hey hey hey,

    I love your color scheme and images. The image as the header is really nice – I find myself more interested in sites with big, bold images, so that’s probably why I like your’s a lot. I opened it in both Safari and Chrome and it worked fine for me in both, so maybe that isn’t an issue anymore?

    Besides alignment issues that I’m sure you’re well aware of and are still trying to figure out, I’d just point out that I can’t make my way back to the home page after I get to your recipe page. Maybe you already know that and are still working on that too.

    Something I’m seeing with everyone’s, including mine, is that we may not have accounted for how tiny our type gets on mobile. May be worth looking into.

    Nice job 🙂


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