Recipe Website- Sarah Recker


4 thoughts on “Recipe Website- Sarah Recker

  1. Your recipe page and home page are perfectly aligned and transition smoothly. I also like how you were able to add in small details like ” Contact, Copyright, ect” at the bottom of your home page.


  2. I like the layout! The top banner might pop more in color or if it would switch to color like the recipes. When on the recipe page I can’t find how to get back to the homepage. Usually the name of the site or top banner will link back.


  3. Yay! The pictures change color! I think that the changing of the photo color when you hover over looks very good and I’m not sure how hard it was to do but I’m glad you stuck with it. Your layout of the site is also nice. Something I wondered about on the recipe page was changing the color of the salad photo so that it was in full color. It could be nice just so a person who is reading the site knows what the food should look like. Also, maybe the header photo is in color because I tried to hover over it to make it change color when I was look for a way back to your home page. If its in full color it would draw more attention to the three squares that do change color because then they are really special.


  4. Sirirammmm.

    Your site works really well in all three modes. I struggled with getting back to your home page after getting to your recipe page though, is there a way to do that?

    I like how you handle your images with going from B&W to color when you roll over them. I’m just wondering if maybe your header image stays in color? To give something the eye to see first when we arrive on the page instead of all B&W? I don’t know.

    The bottom text for “copyright” under “Blueberry smoothie” is justtttt a bit to the left of where I think you want it, directly under the box. Only when in desktop mode. Small little thing.

    Nice job 🙂


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