Research Presentations

The select designers are influential and relevant to digital design. Present this person and his/her work to the class, citing specific images, videos, or quotes. Include a brief bio of the designer’s career, 3-5 important projects, and your own critique or response. You will present to the class directly from the class website. Post the material to be presented on the site with embedded images and/or links to external sources. 10 min presentation followed by discussion.
Presentations will take place at the beginning of class on Thursdays starting October 1. Order of presentations to be determined on the fourth day of class.
  1. Ben Fry—Alyssa
  2. Jake Barton—Sarah
  3. Peter Hall—Katie Kirker
  4. Aaron Koblin—Katie Dunbar
  5. MOS Architects—Laura
  7. Martin Wattenberg—Natalia
  8. Lev Manovich—Kayla
  9. John Maeda—Charis
  10. Kyle Cooper
  11. Tom Schenk
  12. Casey Reas
  13. Scott Sona Snibbe
  14. Marius Watz